Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Initial Pictures from the first week

I've posted some pictures of my teeth taken during the first week. If you are wondering why I have 'blue' in my mouth, the blue substance is used to prevent my bottom teeth from touching the brackets on my top teeth. 

as evidenced by this photo you can see that I have a class III malocclusion: underbite combined with crossbite

side view showing how my bottom teeth fall outside my top teeth


  1. Hey!! I'm from Canada too and I've also just started this process. I'm from Ontario to be exact, except I have an issue. My orthodontist retired and I am currently looking for an orthodontist and a surgeon to correct my open bite. If you are from Ontario, which I;m not sure if you are, could you tell me who you go to. You can also check out my blog that I just started
    Thanks :)

  2. Aw thats too bad its another province. Thanks for the link though, I will definitely check it out. I can't believe my dentist is sending me out on my own to find a new orthodontist. Thanks for your nice comments. I had braces when I was younger and its amazing what a difference they make. Unfortunately, as you know, braces can't correct a bite, so looks like I'm going to be back in braces lol I'm also born in 1986 and I'm an undergrad student, so I can relate to you when it comes to this situation. This is my first year and I'm scared to miss school for this issue, but my jaw is making my life so difficult, constant neck pain, headaches, and a lot of trouble talking clearly. I'm going to follow your page, can't wait to see your progression :)

  3. I had loads of the blue acrylic put on my back molars because my bite is so collapsed. It's not much fun to have drilled off!

    And so your journey begins :)