Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday eveyone! This past week has been exciting. First, last Sunday a bracket had cracked off one of my front teeth. On Monday I called my orthodontist and was given an appointment for Wednesday. The staff at the office of my orthodontist are super friendly. One of the assistants applied a new bracket and I was on my way. THEN...I went to view the new bracket in the restroom and noticed that my bottom teeth were touching/ moving the new bracket! So I ran back to the office and the assistant seen me and asked what was wrong. I asked whether or not it  is normal to have teeth touching the new bracket and she said NO! She had forgotten that I have a MAJOR bite problem and therefore forgot to check my bite before I had left. End result: more blue bonding - a lot more! It feels like I have rocks in my mouth - I can hardly close it! Second, in the past I had requested a referral to another orthognathic surgeon whose nickname is "the magician" apparently! His website is neat and informative too. Anyway, this week his office called and I'm slotted in for an appointment on May 13 (FRIDAY MAY 13...yikes) for a consultation. I haven't met the surgeon yet, however I'm really considering him already. The first oral maxillofacial surgeon I seen in February was very nice and a relatively new graduate but I need someone with a lot of experience in order to get the best results and this new referral doc uses all the latest technologies.

I will be seeing my orthodontist on May 2 to have my wire replaced if needed and also to have my bottom braces applied; I'll be super bracefull then.

Some pictures below. I am not able to see major change but I'm sure some has taken place since February 6!

Have a good weekend! I'll update again after May 2!