Friday, August 17, 2012

This one's for John: an update!

Greetings Followers,

I am truly sorry for not being an avid blogger in terms of regular updates and such. I have been studying French in Quebec, Canada, for the past 6 weeks.

So what's new? This past Monday I seen my orthodontist. She is extremely pleased with the eruption and guidance of the impacted canine. It has erupted a lot since an elastic power chain had been applied back in June! On monday, an additional power chain had been added. The new power chain/ elastic connects to the left lateral incisor.  Also on Monday, my left lateral incisor received a bracket (finally); It was also laced to other teeth in the top arch. I don't feel much pressure on the incisor, maybe because it is not connected to the arc wire. However, I feel some pain from the impacted canine as it is being pulled with more force now.

The bottom brackets and arch wire was applied in June. There is a coil spring trying to make room for a tooth to be pulled into the arch. So many coils! I already see a difference in my bottom teeth in just six weeks.

Some good news: my orthodontist said I may not even require surgery, but it is too early to tell.

I avoided one surgery already: impacted canine. Let's see if I can escape a second one!

John, here are some pics! I will try my best to update on time!

One last note: I am inspired at the energy of some fellow bloggers and want to take the time to wish Laura congratulations on her recent surgery and recovery!



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