Sunday, February 20, 2011

Entering my 3rd week!

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! I'm almost entering my 3rd week of orthodontic treatment. I will not be posting pics of each week. However, there are a few pictures from the second week I'd like to share. My first appointment since having the braces put on will be on March 23. I will post pictures that day or shortly after. I hope there is some changes in my teeth! I can't seem to find any but perhaps it's because I'm always trying to find time to look at them in a mirror.  

Sending warm wishes to everyone,

I have an impacted Canine with  with good angulation somewhere b/t my lateral incisor and first premolar.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Initial Pictures from the first week

I've posted some pictures of my teeth taken during the first week. If you are wondering why I have 'blue' in my mouth, the blue substance is used to prevent my bottom teeth from touching the brackets on my top teeth. 

as evidenced by this photo you can see that I have a class III malocclusion: underbite combined with crossbite

side view showing how my bottom teeth fall outside my top teeth

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The journey has started: 3 years of Orthodontic treatment

It's been almost a week but my journey with Orthodontic treatment has commenced! It's been 17 years in the making - yes - it's been that long since I've smiled with my teeth! Last Monday, February 6, the braces were put on. According to my Orthodontist, my braces are "the Damon system." The procedure of placing the braces on my teeth was relatively painless and quick - maybe 25 minutes. Here's how it all started:

January 6, 2011 - Initial consultation with my orthodontist. Because there was a cancellation, there was time for x-rays / photos / impression of my bite and a mold of my mouth. Total cost: 545.00.

January 31, 2011 (day after my 25th birthday!) - Patient Interview (PI). Here, my orthodontist's assistant educated me on the issues of my case: (1) I have a Malocclusion, namely a Class III Mesiocclusion (prognathism, negative overjet) where by bottom jaw is more prominent than my top jaw; I have a large mandible (lower jaw) and a short maxillary (upper jaw) bone. My bottom teeth protrudes beyond my upper teeth (a condition known as mandibular prognathism). For a mental image think Jay Leno - he is a classic case of mandibular prognathism. Combined with a mandibular prognathism, I also have a cross-bite. I was told that I was definitely a surgical case and would need to be referred to an oral maxillofacial surgeon. Luckily his office is located in the same building as my orthodontist. Anxious to get the process started I inquired as to how long it takes to be referred. Was told it could be two-three weeks. I told the assistant that I would drop by the surgeons office on the way to let them know that I would be a referral case. I was hoping to be referred the same day as I live 2 hours from the city where my treatment is taking place! To conclude the PI the assistant told me the costs of treatment: $6,500 , Canadian of course. The PI did not cost any monies. I left the meeting determined. I stopped into the oral surgeons office where I was given an appointment for the following Monday. 

February 2, 2011 - called orthodontist office to request appointment for braces the following Monday if possible. I was told to hold. She called me back. She confirmed whether or not i decided on surgery without the consult with the surgeon and I said yes - as I'm willing to do whatever it takes to smile. Appointment for braces booked!

February 6, 2011 - 9:15 am appointment with the oral surgeon. It was a 30 minute consultation. He took measurements and discussed the X-rays taken by my orthodontist. He said that he will most likely move my upper jaw forward. However, he said that if needed he will move my bottom jaw back too in order to correct the bite. But he mostly thinks my bite can be fixed with one procedure, orthognathic surgery on my upper jaw. Luckily in my province we have free health care to some extent. The surgery will be covered almost entirely by my provincial health care. I will need to pay $1,200 for the surgery which will require a stay in hospital for 3 days. The consultation ended, and I'm quite fond of the surgeon. He's hot, and very articulate. Cost of the consultation: $298.00.

February 6, 2011- 2:15pm appointment with my orthodontist. She wasn't there. One of the assistants put the braces on which took 25 minutes. I only have the braces on the top teeth so far.Then there was a period of time discussing the do and don't in terms of food and cleaning. Having the braces on felt different. I have 2 wire coils on my top teeth, left and right side to create space. 

So with that, I will stop talking for today. It's been almost a week already but I've posted the initial picture of my mouth after the braces went on. Don't be afraid. :( 

Yurs in Smiles,