Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update! Next Thursday, June 14, I am scheduled to get my bottom braces applied! Also, and much anticipated, I will be having my lateral incisor bracketed as well and that coil will hopefully be removed! 1.5 Years of having a coil spring in my mouth has been 1.5 years too many! I will most likely have to get a pan of my mouth done as well. I may have to be referred to an oral surgeon for exposure.

Pictures next week!


  1. Yay I was hoping you were doing well since I haven't seen you post in a while.
    It's such a long process isn't it?
    When I add up the time I spent in braces years ago and the time now it's really been a long wait.
    Do you know what they will be doing once they have the teeth aligned fully?

    I hope everything is going wonderful with you :)
    Can't wait to see update pics :D

  2. Hey! No updates in a while so thought I'd prod you :)

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