Saturday, November 5, 2011

An update (finally!)

(Pictures below make my teeth seem yellow due to lighting in my bathroom! Grr)

Everyone! First, hope everyone is doing well. Secondly, I am truly sorry for not being a regular poster. I will only be updating in intervals since my teeth are only moving slowly. I see my orthodontist once every 6 weeks. My next appointment will be November 18.

Here's a summary of what has happened since my last entry (in May!). 
(1) I spent the Summer in Ottawa at a french school
(2) my braces experienced a malfunction...the archwire came out of my last molar on one side of my top teeth. I sought an orthodontist in Ottawa and he pulled it back into the molar...for FREE! Good guy!
(3) Malfunction happened again. Upon returning home I had it resolved when I went to my regular appointment. In September my orthodontist's assistant put a bracket on my last baby tooth (which I think may have been a canine). After two weeks my canine was so loose that it fell out while eating. 
(4) I went back to my orthodontist's office so she would determine the next step. At that appointment I was told this: the bracket was attached to the baby tooth in order for Canine Guidance of the impacted Adult Canine to occur! Neat! In the hole left from the baby tooth I am able to see that impacted too. My orthodontist thinks that the exposure of the Canine by an oral surgeon can be avoided. Let's hope this to be true!  I still have two coils in my mouth and I still have a MAJOR gap from one molar to the front teeth (because the baby tooth left a void). I don't look aesthetically pleasing at the moment.

Also during my last appointment my orthodontist's assistant attached a very small elastic band to one molar (which was bracketed but not connected to the archwire because of overcrowding) to another molar. I'm happy to report that the molar being 'dragged' by the elastic has been moving successfully and is almost in line with the other molars.

Pictures are attached!!

Take Care everyone!