Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My teeth are killing me - too much pain :(

Hi everyone, especially my 4 followers!

This past Monday I had my 2nd orthodontist appointment. Last time I thought I had a wire change, but apparently not! The orthodontist came and inspected the progress of my upper teeth. Both my orthodontist and her assistant starting talking in tongue (you know, the dental terms we all don't know much about!) and finally she looked at me and said "Next time we'll try to get the bottom brackets on, we need to get the top moving more because that's where you need the major work." So, I did not have my bottom brackets applied...bummer! However, the assistant used a new wire, and this time the spring coil on the top right side of my mouth is gone; one less coil! I was in pain, and I vaguely remember the assistant telling me that next time she was going to put a bracket on the last top molar on each side and that a new wire may not be applied next time.

Right now, I am in a lot of pain. From what I've read, the damon system of brackets should result in less discomfort - but that's not the case yesterday or today! My teeth ache, I can't properly chew because doing so results in so much physical pain. I try to chew with my back teeth where the pain is less significant.

Below are some images. My next appointment is on June 13.

On a side note, I will be having a second consult with an oral surgeon from New Brunswick on May 13 regarding upper/lower jaw surgery for my class 3 malocclusion; He's nicknamed 'the magician' - I've got good vibes already! I'll update Next Friday regarding the consultation.

until then, have a wonderful week! Hope you had the chance to vote, canadian friends!

Class III malocclusion, underbite, crossbite, braces, negative overjet, mandibular prognathism

Class III malocclusion, underbite, crossbite, braces, negative overjet, mandibular prognathism

orthodontics, class III malocclusion, maxillary deficiency, archwire, damon system, brackets, blue bonding

Notice: the coil has been removed! Feeling a lot of pressure/ pain.


  1. Hey glad to see your new post! I feel for you with the pain, I had so much pain the first week after having my braces put on, I don't know what its going to be like when I get a stronger wire. The good thing is that the more you feel it the more you know it is working! Can't wait to hear about how your next jaw surgery appointment goes. I felt like getting a surgeon really made it all feel so real. Do you know when you'll be having the surgery at this point? Hope you're doing well :)

  2. so sorry you are going through so much pain! :( I hope the pain eases up soon, it gets easier as time goes on :) my first few adjustments almost had me in tears! Your teeth are looking great good luck with the "magician"


  3. congrats for your braces!! the pain will go away, that`s for sure;)

  4. heyy; ah man so sorry to hear about all the pain but its worth it in the end..

    you should eat ice cream or anything cold cuz that usually helps with the pain..

    cant wait to hear how things go wit the magician =D
    wishin you the best

  5. Good luck with your treatment! I'm also using the damon braces to correct a class III malocclusion... it will be great to see how this works out for both of us. I hope you feel better soon! Take care... looking forward to your next update :)

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  7. Hi! I have the damon braces too... a year now! 10 more months til surgery to correct my class 2 overbite. I found them very painful for the first few months. I know my teeth moved a lot then, so I think that is why. Now that I get new power chains every 6 weeks, it hurts much less...I don't get it. I thought the power chains would be worse. I think it's how rapidly the teeth move that causes the pain. Best of luck to you! It's all worth it!

  8. How are your braces now? Don't worry, it may be painful at first, but once your teeth are properly aligned, you won't feel any pain.

  9. The pain is part of the process – if you don’t feel pain, that means the braces aren’t doing their job, and you’re not getting what you paid for. That’s a sign that the teeth are moving slowly. Just bear in mind that pain is the road to beautiful, healthy, and aligned teeth in the future. So how are you doing now? Any updates on how your teeth are today?

    Cody Zieba

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