Sunday, February 20, 2011

Entering my 3rd week!

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! I'm almost entering my 3rd week of orthodontic treatment. I will not be posting pics of each week. However, there are a few pictures from the second week I'd like to share. My first appointment since having the braces put on will be on March 23. I will post pictures that day or shortly after. I hope there is some changes in my teeth! I can't seem to find any but perhaps it's because I'm always trying to find time to look at them in a mirror.  

Sending warm wishes to everyone,

I have an impacted Canine with  with good angulation somewhere b/t my lateral incisor and first premolar.


  1. I see a difference, you are probably too used to looking at your teeth to notice. Trust me you will see major changes in no time :)

  2. Hey S,

    Where are you in the maritimes... I'm in Halifax! Who is your surgeon... ?

    Good luck with your journey. I will keep following along!


  3. Who's your orthodontist? I'm also on the market for an orthodontist in Halifax! Keep on trekkin'! :)